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6th Grade Test

Fill in the blanks with correct words.

1 A: Hello, how are you ?
B:Fine, thanks. Did you plan anything for today ?
A:No. I think we can go outside. Because the weather is great. What do you think?
B: Ok ……… go !

2 ” I have ………… done my homeworks.”

3 A: …….. we eat something ?
B:Ok, let’s go.

Choose correct answer.

1 ” What ….. you think ? ”

A)do     B)you     C)does      D)did

2 “old-new     ugly-beautiful      dark-light      in-out     right-????”

A)left    B)under     C)some     D)happiness

3 What can we use in present perfect ?

A)have/has+V3    B)am/is/are+V3     C)was/were+V2     D)am/is/are + ing+V1

Present Simple


Present simple about our daily routines. At present simple we add “s” to verbs of when it will be he-she-it.But if it is you-we-they-I you can’t add “s” to verb. It is a rule. So lets do some exercises:

I go to school every day.

Why did we paint to “every day” ? We painted it. Because it is a time table for the present simple.